Chapitre I: Cinématique

Chapitre II: Dynamique

Chapitre III: Travail et énergie

le cours de mécanique destiné aux étudiants de 1er année MI. Divisée en trois chapitres cités ci-dessus.

les chapitres traitent essentiellement le cas du point matériel.

Past simple

Describes a finished action 

Structure : Subject+ verb in past form

·         I walked to work yesterday

·         He arrived early today

·         I ate my lunch in the café

Time markers : Yesterday, last month, last year, 2 weeks ago, in 2020, when i was a child

Students sumbitted their assignements last Sunday.


Past perfect :

Describes an action that finished before another action  in the past

Structure : Subject+ had+ verb past participle

·         I had finished my homework to hand it to my teacher, but she had already left.

·         He had visited Algeria.

·         My Mum hadn’t prepared dinner so I had to prepare it myself.

Time markers : By+ a particular moment, Before/ after, for, But, Already……

Students had submitted their assignements by the deadline.


Past continuous :

Describes an action that was ongoing when/until another action happend

Structure : Subject + was/were + verb Ing

·         I was working all day to finish my homework

·         We were walking home when my mum called me

·         He was waiting an hour when the bus arrived.

Time markers : When/at….. oclock yesterday/ at this time last week/while/from…. Till…. Last night..ect

Students were submitting their assignements when the system crashed.





Past perfect continuous :

Describes an action that started in the past and continued until another action or time in the past.

Structure : Subject+ had been+ verb ING

·         It had been  snowing all day, so i couldn’t go to school.

·         We had been looking for my phone for 1 hour when my brother found it under my pillow.

Time markers : How long… ? For

Students had been submitting their assignments online before the system crashed

La thermodynamique est la science qui a pour but l’étude des échanges d’énergie qui accompagnent les changements d’état et les réactions chimiques.

étudiante universitaire 

département tronc commun mi 

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